What if an entirely new relationship with money was just a choice? 

(And you knew you could choose it?)

Before You Begin:

1. Take a moment and picture what an extra $1,000, or $5,000, or $10,000+ per month would allow you to create in your life.
What does it feel like? What would you love to create with extra consistent money? What is possible now in your business and life if money was no longer the excuse you couldn’t choose something?

2. Take out a fresh piece of paper and write down the thoughts, ideas and feelings you experienced from step #1.

3. Next, simply notice any fear or doubts that come up. Take a deep breath and go back to your vision of what you desire. Keep breathing that in. You’ve got this! The desire to change is real, listen to it.

4. Watch the video.

5. After watching the training, download the Money Mojo checklist.

Bonus: when you are done with the training and picking the first action item from the checklist, enroll for FREE in the Marketing Archetype training so you align your marketing with your income goals. (It’s my gift to you!)

Watch the training here:

Download your Money Mojo Checklist here:


Now that you’ve watched the training and (hopefully) started taking action on at least one item from the Money Mojo Checklist, your mind is already working in your favor by unwinding old beliefs and creating new possibilities.

I have another gift for you.

A huge shift for my clients and I happened when we aligned our marketing with who we really are: we learned what our Marketing Archetype is.

When you sync up your mindset + message + marketing together, money worries go away.

When you align your marketing with who you really are, three things will happen:

  1. Marketing feels easy and authentic. And this is a big deal if you have ever struggled with procrastination in your marketing or knowing exactly how to even share what you have to offer.

  2. You know how to grow your business and your income. No more guessing games, no more “hoping” for the best. When you know what to do, you can actually do it!

  3. You attract the right clients. Never again feel like you have to prove your value or convince someone why they would want to work with you. The right people just find you.

I’m gifting you my Marketing Archetype course here – see you on the inside!

Next Step: Align Your Marketing to Align with Your Income Goals