Start here with this audio:

After this audio, listen to the bonus training about the mindset clearing work I integrate in all of the marketing training. You get both the practical tactile marketing training and the mindset support to get out of your own way.

Download this quick guide and go to page 7 to follow along with the quick audio training.

Marketing Arcetype Diamond

Knowing your Marketing Archetype and integrating it into your business is a game changer.

People are creating big breakthroughs in their business with the content I’m teaching you in this course.

But let’s make a deal though okay?

Don’t let this be one more product that sits on your computer and you tell yourself that eventually you’ll get around to it. Block time out in your calendar now to go through the modules and do the homework.

Your business and your bank account will feel the impact in a positive way if you do.

And here’s what you can count on from me: rich content, transparency and real ways to use this information right away in your business.

Deal? Okay good. 🙂

To get started, begin listen to the audio module above then go to class #1. Then work your way through the modules.

The trainings are anywhere from 30-60 minutes. You could go through this in a day if you really wanted to. Move at your pace!

A tip to avoid redundancy:
Some of the information about your message and products and pricing may be redundant for you depending on where you are in your business. Use that information for new pipelines you create. For example, every product and event has a message to create so if you already have your core business message, focus on a specific event or product you are launching.


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