Woohoo! You are IN!

This page has an overview of your program. The modules for the program are above.

Do you have to do one week at a time?

Nope – you can move through the trainings at your own pace. I HIGH recommend going through the trainings within 30 days so you can get the boost you need and want in your business.

Below is the overview and to get started right away, just click on week #1 in the above menu. Then go onto week #2, etc.

Questions? Or problems accessing the modules or handouts? Contact my team at [email protected].

Set Yourself Up for Success!

Block time out on your calendar to actually do the trainings. This won’t impact your business if it’s another thing in your inbox or computer that doesn’t get utilized. When you show up and do the exercises, you will grow your business.

I also recommend creating a folder on your computer called Intuitive Business – Real Money. You can put all of your handouts and homework in there along with your login info for this program. You get 24/7 access to this program forever.

 Here is your training overview:

Get Your Mindset Right!

Every Sunday morning, you will receive a channeled message that speaks to your soul. This mindset boost clears out the old stuck energy and opens you up to receiving your big bold dreams. That’s right, no more playing small and no more waiting for the fear to subside before you take action.

Delivered to your inbox will be the perfect 20-minute audio or video message to shift your mindset and expand what is possible for you. It’s the best way to start off each week and prepare you to receive that week’s training.

Make money your honey!

You will get spiritually tuned in with the energy called money and clear the energetic patterns that are in your way of receiving more money.

PLUS get the top EASY tools to create a solid relationship with money. This is when our profit challenge starts too! And the grand prize for the profit challenge is phenomenal (valued at over $2,000 – no joke!)

Training: 90 minutes
Included: Connect to your cash exercise, Revenue Tracking Sheets, Money Checklist, Million Dollar Questions (for big breakthroughs)

The Profit Challenge winner will receive my product bundle: Event Profit Machine (everything you need to know about hosting and sponsoring events to get a 6-figure profit), Soul Vision Marketing System (master your marketing once and for all), & Soul Vision Abundance Kit (more tips, trainings and exercises to create more prosperity)! PLUS I’ll be throwing in some other surprise bonuses too!

Who are You and What do You Stand For?

This week’s training will guide you on how to stand out uniquely and attract premium clients to work with you. Before you can market it, you’ve got to know WHAT your message is and how you are unique.

You’ll learn my easy and effective message template so can clearly communicate exactly what you do without sounding generic or fake.

Additionally, you’ll deepen your own value so you can then start confidently set your rates from that place instead of “what everyone in the market is doing.”

Training: 90 minutes

What’s Included: How to Create Your Signature System, Message template.

Intuitive Marketing: The Only Formula That Matters is Yours.

In addition to teaching you 15 ways to get clients, you are going to learn my magic sauce: intuitive marketing. I’ll teach you how to use muscle testing and intuition to make the best decisions for your business. This will save you thousands of dollars in expensive marketing experiments, years of time (I’m not kidding) and help you receive more money every single time.

When my clients learn this, they become the expert in their business and can stop using other people and other formulas as a crutch. Imagine actually having fun as you market yourself? Yes, it’s possible.

Training: 90 minutes

What’s Included: 15 ways to Get Clients, Launch Worksheets, How to Create Opt In Pages, Marketing Checklists

Let’s Rock ‘n Roll!

What are you offering and what is your next step to get it out in the world?

This training takes you through the dos and don’ts of creating your premium programs that attract the ideal clients you want to work with.

All of this information won’t do you any good unless you have an action plan, which is part two of this training. You’ll get the inside peek of how I decide what actions I take and when in my business. Guess what? It’s not a complicated formula. It gives me the freedom to be creative while it keeps me focused so I don’t spin in circles or sabotage myself.

Training: 90 minutes

What’s included: Programs & Products Checklist

Complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Session – limited quantity

Normally $97 on my website, this session is the best way to get a taste of my private coaching style and for me to support you in uncovering what your next step is in your business.

This is NOT a glorified sales pitch. This IS an opportunity to receive some support and IF we are a fit to work together, I’ll let you know my recommendation of how I can further support you.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have questions answered and clarity on you next steps. Clarity = prosperity.

24/7 Lifetime Access to All the Trainings, Handouts and Checklists

These core principles I’m going to be teaching you over these 30 days are invaluable for your business. Every time you create a new product or program, I recommend going through these same steps. Every time you uplevel your business, go through these modules to get clear and concise about the focus in your business.


Questions? Contact my team at t[email protected]