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WORD – Messaging Course VIP




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Includes a private 30-minute session to review your messaging.
(30-minute session is regularly $250 by itself)

Week 1: What Do You REALLY do? Clarify Your Soul Message™ and Claim Your Value

On September 4 at 1 pm (Mountain Time), you will:

  • Learn the four levels of a solid message for your business and offers that fuel your aligned marketing.
  • Identify your Soul Message™ so your marketing message and marketing actually work.
  • Know how to get to the heart of what you REALLY, which eases self-doubt and assists you to embody your value so you confidently charge rates that are fully aligned for you.

Plus, if you identify with being a multi-faceted entrepreneur (you do more than one thing), you’ll find the common thread that weaves everything together so you can effectively attract clients who get you.

Week 2: Solutions-Creator vs Problem-Solver Messaging

If you would like to attract a more empowered client who is willing to invest their time and money to create real change, learning how to share your message as a Solution Creator instead of a Problem Solver is a game-changer.

On September 11th 1 pm (Mountain Time), you will:

    • Learn how to move beyond pain points in your messaging and attract a more empowered clientele.
    • Understand the difference between “solving a problem” and creating transformation for your clients and how to communicate that in your message.
    • Create messaging that authentically positions you to work with people who desire to create real change instead of just looking for a magic pill.

Week 3: Create Your Elevated Marketing Message

On September 18th 1 pm (Mountain Time), you will:

          • Craft your marketing message that engages the right people without stuffing your brilliance into an elevator pitch.
          • Learn how to create an aligned, clear, and compelling message for your programs, events, and other offers.
          • Know how to avoid the common message mistakes that heighten the hype factor, bores your audience, and has you sounding like everyone else.

Week 4: Copywriting Tips

On September 25th 1 pm (Mountain Time), you will:

        • You’ll learn the most effective ways to put all of this into clear messaging in your marketing copy.  
        • Identify what’s not working in your copy and how to align it to what will work authentically. 
        • How to move beyond limitations like, “I hate to write,” and how to add more joy to the process.


Your Bonuses (over $250 of goodies):

#1: Truth Guide Email Sequence eGuide
($97 value)

We’ve all received them – the 27-email sequences are supposed to turn email subscribers into buyers. Yuck. Sigh… You don’t have to do this to make money online and engage with people

Email can be an effective marketing tool and this eGuide outlines how to create email sequences that engage people after they opt in for your freebies and low-cost offers without being slimy or pushy.

#2: Non-Slimy Opt-in and Sales Page Template
($97 value)

Long sales pages that have the price hidden somewhere are a thing of the past, particularly if you are reaching a more empowered audience. With this bonus training, you’ll get simple templates of what goes on an opt-in page and what goes on a sales page. The easy templates I provide to you are simple, effective, and empower the right people to know that you are what they are looking for.

#3: Create your Signature Offer Exercise
($97 value)

This simple, and incredible effective process will guide you through pulling out your transformation and putting it into easy steps. You can use this process when you would like to write a book or create a course, product, program, or event. It guides you through how to take EVERYTHING you do and organize it in a way that’s easy to market, creates transformation for your audience,d and helps you to see your magic so you can price yours services well and share it with confidence.

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