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Welcome to the training and community that is designed to CHANGE your money, not get stuck in healing or fixing something that isn’t broken. This is about teaching you new tools that really work. 

What will your money look like a year from now if you change your relationship with it by just 10%? What will it look like in ten years?

What if money could be easier than you ever thought possible?

Welcome to The Money Club™.

There are four parts to this instant-access program:

1. Getting Started: Go here first and when you are complete with the trainings, mark complete in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

2. Trainings: I facilitate trainings that include clearings, facilitation of live members (not all of the trainings are live) that focuces on changing your money reality.

3. Guest Interviews: You’ll hear from entrepreneurs who have inspiring money turn-around stories and what they did to change their money reality. In this real-talk approach to money, they reveal top tools that helped them turn their money around.

4. Clearings: Included are several mini clearings to accompany some of the trainings and you get two bonus clearings:
– Money Energy Pull
– Mega Money Clearing: I took the 11 pages of topics from the trainings and put them into one big audio clearing loop with a 2-page PDF of questions to ask daily to change your money and your business

This course is instant-access with all of these things at your fingertips! There is over 15 hours of content and clearings for you.

This course features tools by Access Consciousness® and The Clearing Statement®.

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Program Content

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{MC} Getting Started


{MC} Willingness to Have Money?


{MC} Money Expert Interviews


{MC} Willingness to Receive


{MC} Partnering with Money


{MC} The Opposite and Shadows with Money


{MC} You as the Source of Money


{MC} When Getting By Just Doesn't Work Anymore


{MC} The Willingness to be Pathetic and Wealthy


{MC} Creating More from Conscious Choice


{MC} Is it Money or Your Willingness to Receive?


{MC} What Will it Take to Have Money?


{MC} Asking for Beyond the Money


{MC} Bonuses