Welcome to the training and community that is designed to CHANGE your money, not get stuck in healing or fixing something that isn’t broken. This is about teaching you new tools that really work. 

What will your money look like a year from now if you change your relationship with it by just 10%? What will it look like in ten years?

What if money could be easier than you ever thought possible?

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Listening to these to get started is a great way to start this program. Remember that change can happen quickly, but sustainable change happens when you address the habits AND the mindset. 

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What’s Your Money Motivation and Vision?

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How the Clearings Work

Using the Power of Questions

What is Heavy vs Light?


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Are You Willing to HAVE Money?

Are you willing to HAVE money? If you haven’t had money, HAVING money can be very uncomfortable and so we reject or ignore it. Then we can go back to worrying about not HAVING money and the cycle continues. This has been one of the most profound things I’ve done to change my money in the past two years.

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These are clearings that you can play on a loop and play in the background on low volume, or listen to as you go to sleep. 

Willingness to Have Money Clearings


REAL people. REAL talk. REAL change.

M. Shannon Hernandez
Creator of The Content Personality Wheel™
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About Shannon

M. Shannon Hernandez is the founder of The Content Personality Wheel™ and host of Time and Fredom Live. Her mission is to help business owners and authors become thought leaders, through the use of content branding, so they can positively impact more people. Shannon continues to inspire others as a content branding strategist, motivational speaker, and author.

From discovering her ex-husband's gambling problem and having $2.50 to growing a global 6-figure brand

The Money Turnaround:
When Shannon found out that her ex-husband had a gambling addiction, it left her with $2.50 in her bank account. She turned around to rebuild her life financially, and did it on a teacher’s salary at that! When she left her teaching job in June 2013, she quickly grew her business to what is now a growing 6-figure global brand.

My Biggest Takeaways from this interview:
How do you invest right away before you are making money? Shannon beat the odds by doing the opposite of what most people do and it has resulted in huge growth in a short period of time.

Plus you’ll get some insights on how to look at your numbers when you want to avoid them. It was a fascinating look at two very different people and upbringing around money.

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Glenyce Hughes
Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host and World Traveling Facilitator of AWEsomeness
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