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Energy Tools:

  • Soul Vision eJournal: Activate your manifesting powers and shift your subconscious mind to expand and receive new possibilities.
  • Enlightened Meditations: This collection of meditations have been designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind. Meditations range from 5-10 minutes making it easy to fit into your daily practice.

Action Tools:

  • Authentic Priorities: Get out of overwhelm! This assists you to get clear on what really is important for you to focus on that will bring you the most abundance.
  • Action Exercise: Do you ever feel overwhelmed and not sure what to do next? This simple self-coaching process guides you through the discovery process to clear away confusion and focus on the actions that will create momentum toward your desires.

Money Tools

  • Connect to Your Cash: When I had the epiphany that I wasn’t motivated by money, I had to create a deeper spiritual connection to my money, which is what I share with you in this simple and powerful tool.
  • Money Tracker: Of the many money tools I’ve studied over the years to shift my own money stories, the money tracker has been the most useful, practical and powerful.
  • Money Mastery Program: This 6-step course includes six 60+ minute trainings that will help your rewrite your money story.

Energy Tools

Soul Vision Journal

SoulVisionJournal_coversmall This journal process is not your typical journal. The tools in this journal empower you to “Write Yourself Into Your Destiny.”

Using this tool shifts your conscious and subconscious beliefs and expands what is possible for you. It activates the law of attraction at a deeper level.

People who have used this tool are amazed at how quickly they are manifesting because they are getting in touch with their true desires and putting attention and intention on those desires.

<== Download your copy of the journal by clicking on the image to the left.

Enlightened Meditations

enlightened meditations Entrepreneurs lead busy lives. Without taking time every day to connect to our Soul Vision, it can be easy to get caught up in tasks and deadlines and lose the meaning behind the missions we lead. Connecting to our higher selves and to the innate wisdom that we are all a part of can be an easy practice that takes just minutes per day. Below are some of my favorite meditations that I use to open up my heart, connect to my higher truth and expand into new inspired possibilities.

Listen Below

IAM Mediation:

Ho’ oponopono:

Silent Mediation: