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It’s time to play a different game.

Your business is meant to be easier and a whole helluva lot more fun.

(Hint: you make more money this way too.)

What is Soul Vision Business School?

It’s different. Nurturing. Kick-ass. Bold.

A breath of fresh air.

It’s a place for you to nurture your soul purpose and intuition and implement kick-ass strategies in your business.

Soul Vision Business School is a 9-month group coaching program that combines 1-on-1 coaching*, a like-minded & like-spirited community, life and business training, and ongoing monthly support so you create more money, joy and purpose. You create FREEDOM.

Why nine months? It’s the time to birth your vision into the world.

It’s priced right so you play with other serious business owners but not so over-the-top that you stretch yourself to the point of suffocating financially.

Not everyone fits the same mold so to fit the unique needs of YOUR business, there are three levels:

Kick Start:

For brand new businesses who want to get their feet wet and build a foundation.

*This level doesn’t include one-on-one coaching.


For new(ish) businesses who need clarity on their value, message & audience and ready to GROW their income and their reach.

Inner Circle:

For established businesses who want to reach six figures.

(You know what you want to do, you are making some money and it’s time to play big.)

Who is it for?

Welcome misfits, change makers & big dreamers.

You’re in the right place if you are a little (or a lot) woo.

You’re a lil’ bit sassy, probably a tad bit irreverent and have a big gift to share with the world.

This is for women who:

Check1white Are spiritual & intuitive (at least on some level) and want to do business with more joy, ease and creativity.

Check1white Have high integrity; you honor your commitments and hold boundaries for your clients to honor their commitments.

Check1white Don’t have a plan B – there’s no going back and you are willing to walk through the fire and reap the rewards.

Check1white Are rebels. You don’t like doing things like everyone else. (You’re in good company.)

Check1white Are committed to a business that changes lives AND builds financial wealth.

Check1white Want a fulfilling life in addition to a rockin’ business.

Check1white Are coachable and flexible; you are open to feedback and support and you use it for profound transformation.

Check1white Are sensitive to energy; you want things to FEEL good in addition to creating positive results.

This isn’t for you if you:

xwhite Refuse to let go of your old money story. (It’s time to let that $hit go.)

xwhite Are looking for a magic pill that will do the work for you.

xwhite Easily give up when the goin’ gets tough. (When you commit to changing lives with your transformational work, you’ll have many opportunities to look at your crap.)

xwhite See yourself as a victim. (You’ve likely got some healing to do before you do this program.)

xwhite Are close relatives with Debbie Downer – aka: you are so used to complaining that you don’t have anything else to talk about.

xwhite Don’t follow through and honor your commitments.

xwhite Want the process to be perfect and the plan to be perfect and everything to be perfect or you aren’t going to move forward.

What’s Included?

(And what it takes for sustainable success.)

The Royal Treatment (1-on-1 coaching)

One-on-one time and hands-on support from me. (Nope, not from another coach, but yours truly.)

*This is not included in the Kick Start level.

The Academy

Training on everything you need to build and grow your business. (Pssst, no selling from my experts, just high-value, rockin’ content.) Plus templates, tips and tools for your LIFE and your BIZ.

The Community

Like-minded, like-spirited women who celebrate your successes and lift you up when the journey gets rocky.

This is where your JVs and referrals will eagerly support you.

The Support

Ask and you will receive; you will get your questions answered.

Also included are virtual work days where my “office hours” are completely open for YOU + an online forum and more.

You are never alone in this journey.

How it Works.

There are three levels in the Soul Vision Business School.

Select the best fit for you and your business.

Get the complete details by exploring each tab below:

Kick Start

For brand new businesses who want to get their feet wet and build a foundation.


For new(ish) businesses who need clarity on their value, message & audience and ready to GROW their income and their reach. It’s a perfect blend of business training + vital 1-on-1 support.

Inner Circle

For established business owners who are ready to uplevel to six figures.

kick start_iconWho is this for?

For brand new businesses who want to get their feet wet and build a foundation.

What’s Included:

You get full access to “The Academy,” which is the training library with content-rich trainings by me and my hand-picked experts in the following categories:

  • Health
  • Intuition & Spirituality
  • Marketing (Online, Offline, Social Media)
  • Mindset
  • Relationships
  • Sales
  • Technology & Systems

These 45-60-minute trainings contain all content and NO selling. No fluff. No hype. Just pure content.

Also included in The Academy are templates, checklists and other tools for what you need in your business: launch campaigns, video and teleclass/webinar scripts, checklists for your VA and much more.

When The Academy will go live on May 1, you will have access to 15+ trainings right away and more trainings will be added monthly.

You get lifetime access to The Academy at any level in the Soul Vision Business School.

The following products are part of The Academy:

5 Money Gateways for SOULpreneurs – Five modules on how to make more money with more joy and fulfill your purpose. Each module includes checklists and templates ($497 value)

Soul Vision Abundance Program – Create a new money story with this training course on how to create new money habits, uncover your money block and more. ($397 value)

Soul Vision Marketing System – this robust system that includes printable marketing calendars takes you through how to launch and build your business with effective marketing. ($497 value)

Event Profit Machine – Have you ever wanted to host your own life event, or speak or sponsor at someone else’s? This training has six modules that tell you everything you need to know to create profits from being in a live audience! ($497 value)

Also included in the Kick Start Program:

Ticket to my Soul Vision live event in October 2014. Three days – full of content! This is NOT the standard event where there is speaker after speaker who are all selling something from stage. This is a workshop-style event where you will actually work ON your business! Plus you’ll have a blast. Who knew business could be so fun!

incubator_icon As an Incubator member you get full access to everything in the Kick Start Level, plus the following: (this is where it gets really good)

The Royal Treatment:

Intuitive Business Makeover: This transformational private session outlines your message, audience, marketing, offers, and uncovers your money and visibility blocks (the silent saboteurs) so you can heal them and move on! This session is essential to start your business on the right foot.

Two private 45-minute Akashic Record Coaching Sessions: These sessions are coaching on steroids! These sessions can be used anytime during your 9-month program.

The Community:

Private Facebook Group: Network, ask questions (and get answers), announce your launches and get support.

Live Intuitive Business Intensive: This 2 1/2 day intensive in Park City, UT (October 2014) will connect you to a bigger vision of what’s possible plus all of the steps to make it happen. Guest speakers will join me on stage and we focus on all content (no selling). Training topics include: messaging, marketing, creating sell-out offers, healing your money and visibility blocks.

The Support:

Virtual Work Days with Open Office Hours: These “get stuff DONE days” include a mini training on a specific topic then my office hours are completely OPEN to you by phone, FB forum and email so you walk away with stuff actually DONE in your business. There will be five virtual work days on these topics: Write your Website Content, Create a Launch, Create your Opt-in, Write your Email Sequences, + an Open Day

Monthly Q & A Call: Each call will include a mini 15-minute training then it will be open to answer your questions. Because this group is kept to small groups, you will get your questions answered either live on the call or in a video session I record and give you access to (in the event we run out of time on the call). EVERY question will be answered.

Facebook Forum: The Facebook group is also a great place to get your questions answered. Have a sales page you want people to look at and review? Have a question on technology or how to handle a difficult client? Post it in the group and I’ll respond also.

SVinnercircle_small Who it’s for?

For established businesses who want to reach six figures in your business (you’re serious about making big things happen).

You know what you want to do, you are making some money and it’s time to play big.

You may be fairly new in business, or you may be several years down the path, but you know it’s time to get more results in your business. This is also great for businesses who have had success in one business and are shifting their niche or services.

You don’t have a plan B – you are in business and you plan on staying in business (even on the days that test your courage and every ounce of faith you have.)

The Inner Circle is my private mastermind and is filled by application only.

What’s Included:

Everything in the Kick Starter level (full access to The Academy) as well as everything in the Incubator level.


3 exclusive retreats: January: The Big Vision, May: Visibility and Sequencing, September: Marketing and Profit Breakthroughs

Private 1-on-1 Coaching: Every month you get a 45-minute coaching session

Unlimited Email Access: As a former copywriter and graphic designer, email access is a great way to get your marketing materials reviewed in addition to asking questions through email.

Private FB group just for the Inner Circle.

Private Mastermind group call.

I have opened up three spots in this group; there are no more than 10 women in this group.

Ready to Leap?

If you resonate with the Soul Vision style to business and know it’s time to uplevel your own business, apply for a complimentary Business Breakthrough session.

To inquire about a Soul Vision program, fill out the application below for a
Business Breakthrough Session.

Normally these sessions are $97 and for the month of April during this enrollment period, this session is complimentary.
Look above at the details for the
Kick Start, Incubator and the Inner Circle programs and indicate below which one you feel is the best fit for you.
This is a strategy session so assess which level is the best fit for you. To help better determine
how you can best be served, you will also
receive a 10-minute Akashic Record reading
in this session.
Upon reviewing your application you will receive an email within 24 hours to either schedule your session or
with a reply of why a Soul Vision program isn’t
the best fit for you.
Questions? Contact the Soul Vision Team at [email protected]

You are about to uplevel your business AND your life. Things will never be the same. You will change. And that is something to celebrate.

Now is the time because…

Message from Angella:

Here is what I’m committed to:

Authenticity. Results. Fun. Commitment. Honoring a soulful way of BEing in my life and in my business. Staying open and flexible, while remaining firm in my decisions, desires and dreams.

If this sounds like a fit, then chances are a Soul Vision program would be a great match for you.

Fill out your application on the left and my team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Always Believing in You,


Angella Johnson, founder and owner of Soul Vision Strategies